Let’s make this year’s Harvest Fair the best ever!!!

AND SO IT BEGINS! Raffle tickets will be available before and after all the masses starting this weekend and this includes our daily mass at 8:00 AM Monday-Thursday. Please stop by and get in on this raffle! I am still very much in need of lottery tickets and gift cards or cash if you wish me to purchase them for you. Also, I have a sign up sheet for the Silent Auction and Harvest Raffle if you wish to donate to this. Just let us know and we will help you out if you are unable to get items to us. This is our major fundraiser so let’s all make it the best one yet! Remember, last year’s 50/50 took home $9,000 plus the 5/$100 winners! Together we can make this a huge success for our collaborative! Please share this information and invite others to do the same.

Thanks Kathi