Welcome to Mrs. Eileen Frasier Grade 1 – Grade 7 Faith Formation Coordinator

Welcome to Mrs. Eileen Frasier, our new Whaling City Catholic Community Grade 1 – Grade 7 Faith Formation Coordinator.

Mrs. Frasier has been a lifelong parishioner of St. Lawrence. As a child she attended our catholic school, HFHN. She is married to her “Prince Charming” Bill.
Together they have 2 children, Elizabeth, and Daniel, who both attend HFHN and are altar servers.

Eileen and Bill are very active in the school, parish, and collaborative.

We welcome Mrs. Frasier to her new leadership role in the Collaborative as she will assist in the faith formation of the children entrusted to the Grades 1 – 7 faith formation segment of the program. She will partner with the parents and families, as well as guide and assist the Catechists of Grade 1 – Grade 7.

May the Holy Spirit enliven within her the gifts of the Spirit as she will serve in the name of the Lord in faith-filled service to HIS PEOPLE!

Mrs. Frasier begins her position as Coordinator of Gr 1-Gr 7 on July 1, 2022.

Mr. Machado continues as the Coordinator of the Confirmation 1&2 program.